Well Worth Watching: Happy Endings

3 seasons and 57 episodes was all she wrote for the criminally underrated comedy series Happy Endings, the show itself had the opportunity to be this generations Friends (big call but stay with me), shame on you ABC.

The show follows a group of 6 friends living in Chicago and the daily adventures they embark on. The opening episode sees the group in a rather awkward position dealing with the breakup of the couple who initially brought them all together: Dave (Zachary Knighton) and Alex (Elisha Cuthbert). Poor Dave is left at the alter but after weeks of soul searching he decides to remain friends with Alex.

Going back to my Friends analogy it goes a bit like this: 

The altar couple, Alex and Dave is our Rachel and Ross. Brad and Jane play out Chandler and Phoebe. Max plays Joey sarcastic and gay, while Penny plays Phoebe.

Alex and Dave are not annoying like Rachel and Ross, seriously who liked Ross? That’s right, no one. Instead Alex and Dave are two friends with strong feeling for one another who are now dealing with the fallout of a runaway bride moment while handling being friends again. There is no big will they/won’t they type situations but a tiny hint of maybe which is just enough.

Max (Adam Pally) is the gay friend who is at the opposite end of the Hollywood spectrum as far as the gay stereotype is conveyed. He is a slacker, dirty and a slob who is constantly coming up with crazy ideas and memorable one liners. Like Joey he won’t keep a show standing on his own (I’m looking at you Joey), but within this group he is a perfect character.

Brad (Damon Wayans Jr) and Jane (Eliza Coupe) are one of the my favourite tv couples. They are married at the start of the show, and are the source of stability and comfort sorely needed after the opening scene of the cancelled wedding. They have strong similarities to Chandler and Monica, Jane is at times insane with how much of a perfectionist she is as well as how competitive she is with her little sister Alex. Brad is the funny happy go-lucky guy in the relationship. He doesn’t really try to restrain from his wife going crazy but instead stands by her while offering advise. Well until he joins Jane in the crazy that is.

Last but not least is Penny (Casey Wilson), who is a bit insecure and fears she will end up in spinsterhood forever. She is one of the funniest characters in the show with most of the situations she ends up in being a train wreck which even though Penny can see coming she rides it out anyway.

The group of six lovable misfits have fantastic chemistry and immediately give the viewer the feeling they have a long history together. Each character is likable and very believable and at times had me wishing I could be part of their crew, maybe as Alex’s new love interest (yes that’s as lame as that sounds). Happy Endings is very lighthearted and consistently good spirited, The jokes come thick and fast and the fact that they don’t rely on a laugh track allows the story and humor to flow delay free.

The story lines vary from crazy relationships, a food truck called Steak Me Home Tonight, the joys of marriage, work flirts and countless situations revolving around drinking and wild nights out, there is a fair chance anyone viewing Happy Endings will find something to relate to while laughs their asses off. Easy viewing, coupled with some brilliant acting gives you a television series you can cram over and over again.

In conclusion; go buy/stream/download Happy Endings for 22 minute episodes of laughs and good times.

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