Warframe Review

Warframe is such a beautiful and well done Third Person Shooter that, even after a year of playing it, it still keeps me eager for more updates, oh, and it’s free!

When I first saw Warframe, i was a little bit skeptical, i was thinking “hmm, a free to play game, with space pirate-ninja warriors, a buttload of guns, and an epic movement system? There must be a catch!” well, one year later from those initial hesitations, and there is not one thing wrong with Warframe that comes to mind.

Warframe really doesn’t have a story, but it does have multiple quests that drag you across the galaxy, doing numerous sub-missions in order to complete a quest. In a sense, it's your typical MMO, but it is so well done that it can almost be seen as a single player game, unfortunately, some quests do require the assistance of other players to complete. I love the fact that it sort of makes you want to partner up with other players though, because i have made amazing friends who i absolutely love playing with, and that’s what this, and every other game that’s multiplayer should really be about, making friends, growing bonds and having a crap load of fun as you blast your way through waves of ever increasingly difficult enemies.

There are multiple Warframes you can choose from. These Warframes are basically suits/classes that each have a strength and weakness, ranging from crowd control, DPS, damage spongy tank and even a healer. With those Warframes, comes skills that dramatically shift the way the game is played. For example, my current Warframe, Banshee, is a sound-based class that can deafen/stun enemies all around you, giving you a chance to gun them down, or slice them up with an array of combinations that are given by a lot, and i mean a lot of weapons.

These Warframes and weapons can be modified with well, mods, these mods can change how your weapon acts, such as doubling the fire rate of the already high RPM submachine gun, adding more buckshot to your shotgun rounds or to even add another chain of lightning from your arc-style rifle…there are really, endless possibilities in this game…the only negative is that all these features can be overwhelming for a new Warframe player.

The graphics and optimization in this game is incredibly superb. I have not played a game in a while that was this well optimized, and it looks really great for a game of this magnitude. I have everything maxed out, I'm talking dialled up to 11, and it runs at a very very stable 60fps, no drops, nothing…not even with 100 things happening at once!

Movement is something i have mentioned previously, but, it really is a major part of the game. You can flip, dive, slo-mo dive, dive more, flip more, and do crazy stuff in between. It’s incredibly fun to just, flip around the area, jumping over large chasms, slo-mo shooting enemies left, right, and centre and just generally living the life of a badass cyborg ninja. I cannot say how great the movement in this game is, it’s so damn fluid, couple that with the performance and graphics and you have yourself a brilliant game.

Co-op is great, even if there is a large ping difference between the host, and the players, its hardly noticeable, that alone is a huge positive for me, because, i hate lag, as well as almost everyone else. As co-op style game play is the main intention for Warframe expect a lot of enemy farming to obtain that high end loot, make sure to bring a friend or two as solo farming can be repetitive.

As Warframe is a free to play title Digital Extremes obviously need a channel to generate real income from the game, the way they do so is within the game you have the option to buy platinum (in game currency) with real life money, platinum will then allow you to buy blue prints for upper echelon gear and avoid that grind. People often mistake Warframe as a cash grab, pay to win game, but really, it isn’t, I've played 50-60 hours without spending a cent and with zero issues. Sure, you need to farm blueprints to make those top tier weapons that you could cheese your way into easily buying with platinum, but where is the fun and the drive in that?

Warframe is a solid game, with incredible movement-based skills, fluid shooter mechanics, and gorgeous setting to keep you going for hours. It does not have a very steep learning curve, and it is quite easy to play. With hundreds of weapons at your disposal (and hundreds more with each new update), each and the ability to modify them to suit your own need, there are endless possibilities on how you attack the game. Warframe is quite possibly one of the greatest free to play games I have ever laid my hands on.

4 out of 5

Warframe is an amazing free to play game, but the grind can be a little too much at times, which is seen by the distress of the players in both Reddit and the official Warframe forums…but please, if you have a PC or a PS4, check it out, it’s hella worth it.