Ubisoft [E3 2017]

I hoped upon hope that Ubisoft would be revolutionary and game changing (hah) in that they would surprise us all with an optional female protagonist in Assassin’s Creed: Origins, but alas, I was disappointed. Aside from that though, I’m all in all pretty pleased with what Ubisoft presented to us throughout their press conference. Starting off the presentation with Mario Rabbids, a game that while obviously appealing to a lot of people, doesn’t appeal to me – I can appreciate the love that went into it, but honestly just isn’t something I can see myself playing. Ubisoft really started for me at the introduction of their new creepy VR game.

I’m not going to pretend I really have any idea what Transference is, other than that it’s a terrifying VR experience that ‘bridges the world between games and movies’.

I’m a big fan of pretty pirate ladies, but not as big a fan of multiplayer games so I’m truly torn on what I feel about Skull & Bones. While the game can be played on my lonesome, I feel like that just takes a huge part of what the game is about. In a shared open world, Skull & Bones features a large variety of game modes, and an entirely customisable ‘pirate experience’.

It’s not like I’ve ever disliked the Far Cry series, but it’s definitely not a series I’ve been particularly hype about – until Far Cry 5 that is. Outside of the story; leading a resistance group against a fanatic cult, Far Cry 5 features co-op available through the entire campaign, and a customisable character. Everything about Far Cry 5 appeals to me deep in my core.

So we’re finally allowed to be excited about Beyond Good & Evil 2 again, but it’s not quite the game we expected. We don’t really know much about BG&E2 outside of the fact that it’s a prequel, and that I’m unbelievably excited.