The Hungry Gamers: Episode 056 (Mass Effect: Andromeda, A Galaxy Ripe with Internet Anger)

Coming at you for a record fifty sixth time, Ally, Brendan and Sam unite to create one of the more serious THG episodes to date. Diving head first into controversy, talking Australian gaming classifications and Colin Moriarty departing Kinda Funny.

They also talk some:

- Mass Effect: Andromeda, is it worth the hype and is the internet hatred it's receiving justified?
- Kong: Skull Island being tonnes of fun.
- Riverdale being Brendan's new guilty pleasure.
- Nintendo Switch selling great and exceeding forecasts.
- Horizon Zero Dawn selling boatloads and announcing new story content.
- Outlast 2 being refused classification in Australia.
- A Matrix reboot is in the works.
- Ubisoft dropping the banhammer on 1,500+ players in For Honor