The Hungry Gamers: Episode 048 (Owen Wilson's Nose Was Eaten by a Zombie)

Coming at you for a record forty eighth time, The Hungry Gamers are here to invade your ears as they prepare for their Twitch debut at GenerOzity. They also take a trip down memory lane, discussing the countless karting games released over the years.

They also talk some:

- The Wario franchise
- The best characters to use in Mario Kart
- Donkey Kong Country and the subsequent spin offs
- Space Hulk Deathwing not being that good  
- Games Done Quick raising over $2.2million USD
- Playdead teasing their next game
- Chinese Soothsayers pretty much being wizards
- Watch Dogs 2 going free to play (for 3 hours)
- The Resident Evil films being utter bulls**t
- The Blade film series