The Hungry Gamers: Episode 047 (The Nintend'oh Stitch Up)

Returning bigger and better than ever, The Hungry Gamers fly into 2017 in the only way they know, fast and loose! Divided discussion surrounding the Nintendo Switch headlines the episode, breaking down the highs and lows of the recent event held in Japan.

Ally, Brendan, Reece and Sam also talk some:

- Watch Dogs 2
- The Dishonored franchise
- DOOM being balls to the wall awesome
- Senran Kagura being boobtastic
- Mass Effect Andromeda
- The Alien: Covenant VR experience
- Resident Evil VII going 4D
- Playstation 4 being the king of Porn Hub
- The cancellation of Scalebound
- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battles - THE game to play on Australia Day?
- GenerOzity