The Ring vs The Grudge is as Scary as You Think

Yes you read that headline correctly, two of the scariest Japanese films in recent years have gotten together to do a crossover title (think Freddy vs Jason). Producers decided to take the plunge after a short fan made trailer pitting the two villains, Sadako and Kayako, went viral on YouTube.

The trailer currently has no subtitles so unless you're fluent in Japanese you will just have take to guess your way through the trailer I'm afraid. 

No word yet on how the "vs" will translate into the film, will the villains be pitted against each other? Staircase or well fights to the death perhaps? Either way we are in for alot of scares.

No release date AU, US or UK at present but it's scheduled to open in Japan as Sadako vs. Kayako on June 18th 2016.