The Shining in VR

As just about everyone knows these days virtual reality is making a huge comeback, what was once a plot device used in science fiction films has transitioned into a key medium for several video game based companies. While there is no clear current market leader, there are a countless new products being created for the VR platform.

One such example comes to us via Claire Hentschker's foray into audio-visual VR. Claire has taken the physical space found in Stanley Kubrick's 1980 adaptation of Stephen King's The Shining. The below video uses photogrammetry which allows 3D elements to be extracted and extruded from original film stills, said fragments can then be stitched together and viewed along a camera path.

The video is clearly meant for those with some sort of VR hardware but for those who don't you can still watch the video and interact via mouse. You can drag the video around in a 360 degree environment. It's not 100% perfect but it sure is mighty impressive.