Movie Premieres in Your Loungeroom?!?

Napster co-founder Sean Parker is working on a new video on demand service which could eventually lead to the end of cinemas as we know it.

The proposed project currently known as “The Screening Room” is aiming to remove the window which blockbuster films play exclusively in theatres prior to hitting other platforms, the proposal would see customers paying $150.00US to install a specialised set top box, which would give the customer the opportunity to view a recent film once in a 48 hour period for $50.00US.

The amount may seem expensive but when you spread that out across a family or group like viewing the costs drop dramatically.

Universal, Fox and Sony have shown some “serious interest” according to Variety, the studios are examining the business model which would see participating distributors receiving a 20% share of the $50.00 viewing cost.

Just think you could be watching Captain America: Civil War from the comfort of your loungeroom, PS check out Trailer #2 below, it has SPIDER-MAN in it!!

If The Screening Room moves ahead it would be a win for the consumer but disastrous for cinemas, maybe the might start reducing the price of tickets and the candy bar? We can only hope...

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