The 10 Biggest Talking Points to Come Out of E3 2016

1. Project Scorpio

Microsoft delivered the biggest mic drop of E3 with the official confirmation of Project Scorpio, the most powerful video game console ever. Scorpio gives Microsoft its best chance at clawing back some market share from Sony, after years of being #2 Microsoft are finally firing shots with real ammunition. It will be interesting to see how Sony responds with NEO, I assume their R&D team are already working on a stronger machine to rival Scorpio. Seriously 6 teraflops!!

2. Death Stranding

Lead character attached to a baby via umbilical cord surrounded by a slew of dead sea creatures? I wasn't sure if I was watching the latest music film clip from Tool, but it certainly managed to grab my attention. Anything Kojima touches is almost certain gold so no doubt Death Stranding will sell truckloads, attaching Norman Reedus to the game is a smart move and further raises that middle finger to Konami. Death Stranding probably won't be out until 2019 but as it is Kojima Productions debut game you know it has the potential to be something special, Sony know that too and grabbing exclusivity (for now) of Death Stranding is a genius move.

3. God of War

Wow. Seriously what a way to open up their conference, Sony hit it out of the park the second an aged and grizzled Kratos stepped out of those shadows talking in those low deliberate tones. Looks amazing, sounds even better and the combat system seems to have been tweaked for a more attack, counter, attack style instead of the reckless abandon that was evident in previous God of War games.

Going out on a limb here with a prediction: There will be time jump forward in the games story and Kratos' son will be a playable character within the game complete with his own unique abilities and play style.

Firmly aboard the hype train on this one.

4. Detroit Become Human

Quantic Dream, the developers behind Heavy Rain are back with an android filled science fiction romp known as Detroit Become Human. Being a Quantic game you just know there will be 100 different potential endings based upon your in game choices, the trailer focuses on an android named Connor who works for Detroit PD as a a pseudo rogue android wrangler/negotiator. The trailer plays out a rooftop showdown with multiple outcomes based on your chosen actions. A game similar to Heavy Rain that has even a shred of a Blade Runner-esque vibe? Hell freaking yes.

5. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

I'm a big sucker for anything Resident Evil related and this trailer certainly managed to rope me in from the get go, it throws me back to Resident Evil one and looks like a solid return to its horror roots. Playstation VR support could be interesting, as well as the demo available right now in the Playstation Store. This has put Capcom in my good graces again after the Street Fighter V story mode debacle.

6. Days Gone

Yes I hear you all saying "another zombie based survival title, really?" but hear me out. Sony Blend, the developers behind one of the best tactical espionage shooter series, Syphon Filter are behind Days Gone. You play as a drifting bounty hunter named Deacon St. John (played by Sam Witwer aka Starlord) who must navigate the Pacific North-West which is now ravaged by "Freakers" after a global apocalyptic disaster.

The game was one of the best looking at E3, the live demo was especially impressive with hoards of zombie like "Freakers" swarming upon Deacon as he ran through a lumber yard trying to take down a bounty, it makes for some gripping exchanges between all parties.

7. Horizon Zero Dawn

Rightfully showcased alot of RPG based elements which should appease alot of fence sitters. Looks absolutely gorgeous, creative enemies, fluid combat systems and the potential story to be told here could lead to Horizon Zero Dawn being Sony's next great franchise. Is my early 2017 Game of the Year.

8. Watch Dogs 2

I was skeptical about mentioned Ubisofts upcoming title, especially after being let down by the original. Watch Dogs had so much potential leading up to launch but it never delivered, Watch Dogs 2 certainly presented well at E3, they have gone with a more chaotic style of game with movement akin to Sunset Overdrive or Mirrors Edge, watching Marcus Holloway expertly navigate San Francisco while creating chaos at every turn was quite the sight to behold. Replacing Aiden with Marcus looks like a great move, he seems to have alot more personality going for him already which hopefully translates to the finished product scheduled for release November 15th. Oh yeah, the soundtrack is also pure dynamite.

9. Prey

Rumors have long existed for Prey 2, originally announced in 2011 by Human Head it has been in a state of flux for years which eventually led to its cancellation in 2014. Fast forward 2 years and Arkane (the devs also handling Dishonored 2) dropped a trailer for Prey, which looks to be a reboot of the original. The story sees you taking the role of Morgan Yu in the year 2032, you are the subject of morally questionable experiments designed to improve the human race. You then wake onboard a space craft (the Talos 1) which has been taken over by an alien life form, which is now also hunting you down. I got alot of Alien and Alien: Isolation type vibes from the final scenes of the video, tense, atmospheric science fiction horror, where do I sign?

10. The Sony Orchestra

Seriously Sony had a full blown orchestra which provided a live soundtrack to their entire conference, mighty impressive. Especially the blonde lady doing those crazy God of War moans and chants.