The Division Gets it's First Big Patch

Update 1.02 for The Division is officially live, aimed at making the Dark Zone more rewarding for high level players (lvl 30) this free update introduces squad loot trading and incursions.

Ho-hum rewards coupled with massive risks have made alot of Division agents a little too scared to try their luck within the Dark Zone, 1.02 aims at changing the landscape making DZ more forgiving with less funds and XP being lost when dying in the PvP area. Couple that with level 31 and 32 NPCs dropping more high end items (yellow highlighted), and DZ rank 30 locked chests will also have a chance to drop high end loot as well.

On an unrelated DZ note update 1.02 will also introduce several new general gameplay changes as well, named enemies will drop better loot in Challenge Mode missions than in Hard Mode, rewarding your struggle that little bit more. Lastly the trained weapon talent has been nerfed to cancel out power signature skills from going indefinitely.

Read the full breakdown on update 1.02 over at the official Ubisoft forum.