The Dark Tower is Nearly Upon Us [Trailer]

Stephen King's grand opus, The Dark Tower is my favourite book series of all time. I've reread it multiple times, have the accompanying graphic novels and have even toyed with the idea of a Roland Deschain inspired tattoo from time to time.

Thursday May 4th saw the long awaited debut trailer drop online to much excitement, and in some cases (like mine) - nervous anticipation. You see Sony are going loosely off script with the film version of the series, re imagining characters while also positioning the film as a pseudo sequel to the books. 

King's material over the years has been handled inconsistently - for every Green Mile, IT, The Shining and The Mist you also have duds such as - Desperation, Maximum Overdrive and Dreamcatcher. It has been a very Jekyll and Hyde affair, here's hoping The Dark Tower is given the respect it so rightly deserves.

The Gunslinger makes his long awaited screen debut this August.