The Culling [Hands on Preview]

The Culling gave me that short burst of excitement, and fulfilled that “Survival” hunger I was feeling, but is it worth it?

Well, I guess that’s why I’m writing this article, right? Now, despite my short amount of play time with The Culling, I have had incredibly amounts of fun, but I guess the only place it really lacks, is the player-base, because in all honesty, I found is quite difficult to find a full enough server to play in and get a more complete experience of the world Xaviant Games have created.

The premise of The Culling is simple, you spawn in a large arena-type map, and you scavenge for equipment and weaponry to kill everyone else, so, basically it’s The Hunger Games meets King of the Hill. I played a total of 15 matches, and most matches ended the same way, with me being chainsawed by some random player towards the end of the match. There was however a handful of times where I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game, to the point where I was giggling with excitement reminiscent of a little girl when being chased by a bunch of people, each of them throwing spears at me, only for one of their spears to hit one of their friends. It was at times very Lord of the Flies, alliances until the numbers thin out then outright chaos.

However, it just doesn’t seem survival-y enough, I understand that it’s an arcade style game, where there isn’t a huge amount of realism, but when you come across health vendors in game, it takes away the survivability aspect and replaces it with boredom. The aspect of hunting your enemies is great, lurking through the shadows waiting to strike was a fun experience, it wasn't always so though I'm afraid. One particular match saw me in a 1v1 battle where I spent at least 3-4 minutes on trying to take down this an extremely annoying player who kept running around, using the health vendor, laying traps, avoiding everything I threw at him. It got to the point where I had to rage quit because this constant cat and mouse chase where the opposite player was cheesing (see what I did there) got thin, very fast.

There are a host of weapons available to obliterate your enemies, ranging from chainsaws and hatchets to dynamite and tasers. This assortment of death dealing devices isn't the only thing you need to be concerned about, there is also a poisonous gas cloud that slowly forces players to the centre of the map, if the match isn't completed within 20 minutes everyone dies.

At the current price of $20.00USD, you would think that the quality would match games like Rust, or, dare I say, the more broken dinosaur-fest known as Ark, but no, the quality of the game drops significantly when compared to those other games.

It's a shame as The Culling has so much potential to be something great, a few minor changes within the settings and gameplay could lift it to being one of THE survival games.