Steins;Gate [Review]

I'm perplexed by this title as I was given the code to play it on PC. I mean, who would choose to read a novel on their PC? Surely not many when there are games to be played, Netty Flicko's to be watched and Faces to be Booked.

I wasn't too into the idea to begin with but unfortunately that night I fell victim to a pathetic head cold that put me horizontal for a good 24 hours. I had no Netflix that I hadn't seen, no games to be played and no one has booked my face in about 2 years.

So I propped up my laptop on my unnecessarily expensive laptop beanbag cushion ($47.00 r.i.p Borders) and began to experience Steins;Gate which to much surprise wasn't that bad at all, albeit a little confusing, yet often rewarding with its medium-complexity story lines and comfortable character depth.

Now if you are familiar with the series and the lore that is Steins;Gate then YES you will enjoy this visual novel. It IS gripping and ticks all the boxes you want in a Steins;Gate experience. But from what I've seen in the fandom community (from people that have played the other titles) perhaps its all a bit same samey? One thing I will say is that the titles of "tear jerker" and "emotionally charged" are well deserved when describing the title.

If you aren't familiar with the visual novel turned manga, turned anime that is Steins;Gate - this is a time travel, butterfly effect, mystery type of story that sits somewhere in the comfort zones of Psycho-Pass, Iain and fans of the like. The lead characters are seeking to alter their respective futures via time travel, altering various actions in the past to ultimately change the future.

The cool thing about these types of novels is that the decisions you make will produce one of many endings so it does have a lot of replay-ability. If you were a die-hard fan you could sink 30 hours into this title quite easily, but how many of the people that will pick this up will get their full $30.00USD out of it? #kirbostyle. Probably not many I'm guessing.

All in all, if you're suffering a head cold and are fresh out of chicken noodle soup : this will keep your mind active and get you hooked on a good story. If you're unfamiliar with anime novel games, maybe start with a cheaper title to get used to the feel then work your way up to this. I also recommend watching the series first so you can get a little invested in it.

2 out of 5