Starcrafts Mod Released

If someone had a gun pointed at my head demanding me to name something I didn’t like about the original StarCraft campaign, I would probably just stand there quietly contemplating the ridiculousness of the situation, unable to say a thing. If the stakes weren’t that high though, I’d scratch my chin and, after a long sigh, relent by saying that I wasn’t a huge fan of the Zerg part. The story was fine, but I just felt so much better when I was tasked with blowing up those deformed, cyst-ridden monstrosities than when I had to steer them to victory. Thankfully that aesthetic bias can now be a thing of the past with the release of The StarCrafts Mod for StarCaft 2.

If you’ve never heard of StarCrafts, it started out as a web-series of short, 1-2 minute video vignettes, created by CarbotAnimations, which explored the ridiculousness of the StarCraft universe. The series is currently in its fifth season and, after having amassed 115 episodes to date, shows no sign of winding down. The YouTube channel has since branched out into making similar parodies of other Blizzard franchises such as World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm.

Seriously, if you’ve ever even casually played StarCraft you’ll find it hilarious.

After their successful Indiegogo campaign wrapped up in July of 2015 the team behind the series got to work reskinning the entire set of Starcraft 2 units to look like their counterparts in the show, finally releasing the completed mod last week. Now everything from vespene gas geysers to the UI can be made to look like they belong to the Adventure Time universe. Best of all, the Zerg have been reshaped into the cutest of the three races, rendering them way more fun to play than in the base game.

With all the recent fuss about Overwatch shooting up into the eSports stratosphere, giving the reigning MOBAs and CS:GO a run for their money, it’s nice to remember that the franchise which started this global phenomenon is still alive and vibrant.