Squidgrip [Product Review]

Now I can’t speak for the entire gaming community but the lack of textured controllers out in the market place really grinds my gears, luckily US based SquidGrip are making an excellent product to suit both the Xbox (One & 360) and Playstation (2, 3 & 4).

The SquidGrip comes in a very sleek, stylish and minimum product sleeve. Within said sleeve is 2 SquidGrips (one for each side of the controller), a set of badges, a SquidGrip sticker and an easy to follow set of instructions.

I am an uncoordinated guy at the best of times but following the manual had my controller SquidGrip’d up in no time, props to the instructions making it idiot proof with a mixture of both text and images.

With the grips attached the controller feels like an immediate improvement in my hands, the additional grip and cushion available allowed me to hold the controller slightly looser to avoid any cramped muscles in my hands, something many gamers know is never fun. One of the other big sell features of the SquidGrip is that they can minimalise sweat and moisture buildup during those intense gaming sessions, I decided to test this theory by spending a few hours hiding from the xenomorph in Alien: Isolation. I can confidently say SquidGrip all but eliminated any form of sweat buildup on the controller while I was frequently screaming like a child and jumping from scares time and time again.

SquidGrip are delivering a tier one product which not only feels great in your hands but looks great on your controller, the option for a custom badge set is a nice touch as well.

4 out of 5

+ Great Tactile Feel
+ Adds to the Look of Your Controller
- Long Term Concerns on the Adhesive