Sombra (finally) Revealed at Blizzcon

Ever since Ana’s trailer and the codes about Sombra were discovered, Blizzard has been playing an ARG with the Overwatch community. And depending on who you ask the ARG has been viewed with varying levels of success. Today at Blizzcon, Sombra made her debut to the world in another of Blizzard's awesome animated shorts (make sure you stay to the end to see a certain post short scene with a certain pink haired Russian).

As I’m sure you are all aware the Hungry Gamers crew is very fond of Overwatch and we look forward to playing this new character, even if she seems a little OP at the moment.

Sombra will be on the PTR server next week following Blizzcon and will make her debut on the live servers not long after that. As we learn more on the other Overwatch changes incoming we will be sure to let you know.