Sniper Elite 4 [Review]

Sniper Elite 4 is a third person tactical shooter Developed by Rebellion Developments, available for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Comparing this game to Sniper Elite 3, it’s evident that the developers wanted to create a larger world, whilst keeping the same core mechanics that made Sniper Elite 3 a solid game.

The story in Sniper Elite 4 is pretty easy to follow, you are Karl Fairburne, an OSS Sniper, tasked with finding and stopping the production of German made smart missiles that are used in World War 2. The missiles in question have been used to take down a ship off the Italian coast which was investigating German activity. The entire game is set throughout Italy, seeing Fairburne travel to a host of varied locations, assassinating key members of the German regime or taking part in espionage, stealing documents or sabotaging factories.

The biggest strength of the Sniper Elite franchise, is you guessed it, sniping, and luckily that strong point carries into the fourth entry. It feels extremely good and satisfying to fire your rifle, watch your bullet fly through the map and penetrate the skull of an enemy courtesy of an x-ray vision sequence. There are multiple organs and appendages you can target, each initiating a different x-ray vision kill. Not since Wolfenstein has it felt this good to gun down Hitler, especially when you are dropping a few rounds into his genitals.

There are a variety of weapons at your disposal within the game (some of which is locked behind a paywall, joy). Rifles provide different statistics, increases to range or damage are the order of the day, giving you additional benefits in game, during my time with the game I didn't change my rifle once, due to the one shot kills that come from hitting a key organ. Coupled with your trusty rifle is the ability to use silenced bullets and trip mines for added chaos.

One tactic that I used regularly throughout my play through saw me placing a tripwire mine outside doorways and whistling, most times enemies would exit in a small group which saw the explosion kill the majority. The downside of this tactic would see the entire area shift to an "alert status". Sniper Elite 4 is very much about risk and reward, would you prefer to take out a group in one fell swoop, or instead, silently kill each one while hoping no one finds a body, it's completely up to you.

SE4 has seen a huge jump in level size, with each mission taking on average, 2 hours to finish. In a similar style to the Hitman series, levels will provide you multiple ways to approach and complete your various objectives, allowing the player to juggle between stealth and brute force to get the job done.

My overall experience with the game was positive, I regularly found myself going back and replaying missions, trying to work out the perfect way to attack (or in some cases not) the objective and feel as close to Tom Beringer as possible. Sniper Elite 4 is a game well worth your time, especially if you're a fan of shooter or sandbox stealth titles.

4.5 out of 5

+ Top notch graphics and environments
+ Absolutely gruesome killcams and x-ray vision kills
+ Largest maps the franchise has seen
+ Reliable PC launch performance
- Voice acting, at times was cringe worthy