Games with Gold & Playstation Plus: September

Well after waiting with baited breath to see if Sony would finally announce some AAA goodness to their monthly freebies we are dealt a severely underrated gem. While it may not be the title we have been expecting but a step in the right direction none the less. But sadly when the Xbox One gets 3 triple A titles, when you include the backwards compatibility, the blue team still falls behind.

Let’s get into it with the Green guys first. All month long you can pick up new release Earthlock on Xbox One and Forza Horizon on Xbox 360. Then starting from the 16th you can get Assassin's Creed Chronicles on Xbox One and Mirror's Edge on the 360. As always both 360 titles are backwards compatible.

Over on Team Blue, if you grab one game make sure it is critically acclaimed darling Journey on both PS3 and PS4 platforms. Joining Journey from the first Tuesday of the month on PS4 is Lords of Fallen. On PS3 you can also grab Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands and Datura. And on Vita island feel free to pick up Amnesia: Memories. Also across all three platforms you can pick up Badland.

As with every month guys you just have to add these games to your library, don’t have to download and start playing them right away. And if you have any tips or suggestions on some great freebies or deals make sure you hit us up on Twitter @weareatebit or our Facebook page