Want Pikachu as Your Starter in Pokemon Go?

The world has gone Pokémon mad due to the release of Pokémon Go on iOS and Android this week. Combining physical movement with augmented reality and geo-tagging Pokémon Go has seen people across the globe pick up their phones and head outside in an attempt to "catch em all".

Starting the game the player is given the option of selecting from three gen one starter Pokémon: Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur. Game developer Niantic Labs have also sneakily added Pikachu into the starter mix, here's how to get your hands on the yellow electric phenom.

When the game starts up and Professor WIllow tells you to go choose your starter, the initial trio will spawn on the in-game map. The player then typically initiates a "battle" by clicking onto either Squirtle, Charmander or Bulbasaur. If you don't select a Pokémon and instead just keep walking away, the three starters will disappear, only to again respawn in front of you.

Continue to walk and ignore them four times, they will again respawn but this time be accompanied by Pikachu, you can battle as normal and land your first starter. Bare in mind the in game GPS coupled with severely unstable game servers could see you spending 30 minutes or so in trying to trigger Pikachu.

See you all at the PokéStop