Path of Exile 3.0 Reveal

So, today (the morning of February 15th), Path of Exile developers, Grinding Gear Games, revealed the long awaited information that would absolutely change the game forever.

I’ve been long time player for Path of Exile, racking up just over 7200 hours in game, and nothing gets me more excited than waiting for announcements, and this morning’s announcement was absolutely massive. The PoE community was speculating that only Act 5 would be released this year (Act 4 was released in 2015), and it’s fair to say that, I also was expecting Act 5 to be released this year… But after reading the announcement, and watching the trailer (linked below) expectations were not only met but far exceeded.

Yes, Grinding Gear Games is indeed releasing Act 5, but that’s not all, they’re also releasing numerous acts this year, going from Act 5 through to Act 10. All this year, which is quite incredible, it’s history in the making for Grinding Gear Games. And the fans love it.

If there’s one thing that stands out in the new trailer, it’s the Pantheon System, where you can wield the powers of gods (based from within the world of Wraeclast). There are multiple powers and buffs to choose from, and each of them differentiate greatly from one another, greatly improving and also expanding on the build diversity within Path of Exile.

There will also be skill and unique balance changes, which would undoubtedly come with a skill tree revamp, and since 2.6.0 (as of now, it’s still 2.5.2) is coming out in a few weeks, there will hopefully be new skills, and new uniques to use.

The estimated time of 3.0.0 release, is June-July, 2017.