Paragon Stress Test

If you have been listening to the Hungry Gamers podcast at all over the last month or so you may have heard the crew talk about Paragon. You know, that MOBA by Epic Games, the guys that made the original Gears of War trilogy. Well not only has it recently been made available on the PSN Australia store, but the public stress test is now upon us ahead of it June release date.

The first phase of the stress test will start on the 28th of April and finish on the 1st of May, this first phase will on be available to the first 500,000 people that signed up to the Beta. In the second phase everyone will be able to jump in and give the game a run for its money as long as they have signed up before May 1.

If you are like many of us at and have been in the early access program, this weekend will serve as a double XP weekend for you and the bonus will stack with any other boosts you have equipped.

More Beta weekends are currently planned in the lead up to the game's eventual release on June 7. But if you login you may catch a few of us from Atebit running around killing and being killed as well. Feel free to hit us up for our Epic IDs if you want to join us in the fun.