Future Gaming Excitement: Paragon

You'd have to have been living under a rock (or perhaps in Dalgety) if you haven't heard of the term MOBA, which stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. This buzzword has taken the video game world by storm with titles like League of Legends and Smite ascend to the top of the esports food chain. A MOBA game typically consists of 5v5 cat and mouse style battles fought across a 3 laned map, the usual focus is to push through to the enemies base and take down their energy source/castle/HQ.

The newest challenger aiming to climb the ladder is Paragon, an action based MOBA from Epic, you know the guys behind such massive titles as Gears of War and Unreal. Paragon looks to be in a similar vein as Smite, relying more on action and third person control over the more traditional top down view seen in the majority of the genre.

Take a look at the announce trailer below to see what Paragon is all about.

Now I'll admit I am anything but elite when it comes to MOBAs, I've dabbled in League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm but never to an extent where I consider myself a great player, nothing against the genre itself more so to do with the fact the majority of MOBA titles are based on the PC, so a console gamer like me is left in the lurch. Smite is available on the Xbox One (awesome) but there isn't currently anything over on Team Blue, that's where Paragon comes in, planned for release on PC and PS4 with an open BETA scheduled for Winter 2016 (Australian) and paid early access coming in Autumn (Australian).

As of this morning alot of ALPHA footage has started to make it's way onto the internet with the NDAs allowing various gaming personalities to show the world just what Paragon is about. One such figurehead is TheWarOwl, predominantly known among the Counter Strike circles has just dropped 17 minutes of gameplay coupled with some honest commentary which you simply must watch. 

You can immediately see it's an Epic game, the graphical style is very reminiscent of Unreal and Gears of War, muscle bound characters dominate the battlefield while big hits, explosions and even bigger weapons are common place. Only 10 characters are on display but Epic have already announced there will be a regular influx of fresh talent to join the fight.

So what do you think? Are you as excited for this new challenger to the MOBA crown as I am? Epic certainly have the credentials to make a brilliant game and from all the alpha footage I have seen to date it looks like they are on the right track with Paragon.