Overwatch Announce New Hero

It might be safe to say now that March is the new November for games with everything that is happening this month, and Blizzard wants in on the action it seems. Blizzard has spent the last week or so teasing the possible appearance of a new hero in Overwatch, even going so far as to say the next hero is NOT Doomfist. But that left a lot of speculation as to what the next hero would be. In terms of additional heroes so far the community has been treated to heroes like Ana and Sombra (Support and Offence heroes respectively), so it would have been safe to assume the next one would be a Tank or Defense hero. Well wonder no more, as today with the latest PTR update there is a brand new hero to play and her name is Orisa.

Now Orisa is being touted as an anchor based Tank for teams to build strategies around. She comes complete with a Fusion Driver, a machine gun with a 200 round magazine, a Fortify ability so she can take less damage for a duration of time, a Halt ability which seem to function like a cross between Zarya’s Graviton bomb and Roadhogs Hook, and lastly a Protective Barrier which can be thrown down on the field for allies to hunker down behind. And to compliment all of this, Orisa’s Ultimate Ability is a Supercharger that can be deployed on the battlefield to increase teammates, and her own, damage by 50% for 15 seconds.

After watching some videos I can safely say this might finally be a tank alternative for me to D.Va (I’m pretty bad with the other Tanks). And she is pretty cute for an oversized Centaur looking machine lady.