Games with Gold & Playstation Plus: October

Coming off a fun trip to Sydney town for EB Expo, here is the free games you can expect for October on your console of choice. What? You thought I would forget about you guys? I can’t forget about you, you’re all too lovely!

On Xbox this month, starting from the 1st you can grab Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings on Xbox One and MX Vs ATV Reflex on the 360. Then on the 16th there will be The Escapists on the One and also I am Alive on the 360. As always add them to your library and they are yours for life and both 360 games are fully backwards compatible.

Finally this month Playstation are stepping up and offering something with big brand recognition. And this month they are the clear winner for it, on PS4 at least. I know I give Playstation a hard time each month but that is only because I expect better, especially after how much good they did when PS Plus first came into being. Starting on Tuesday the 4th and all month long you can grab Resident Evil Remastered and Transformers Devastation on the PS4, Mad Riders and From Dust on the PS3, and lastly Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth and Actual Sunlight on the PS VIta. Make sure you hit that add to library button so they are yours for the life of your subscription.

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