Num One Review

Num One is a fairly new Free to Play puzzle game, developed by Mukikaizoku, available on iOS and Android and playable on both phone and tablet. When I first got asked by Brendan to review this game, I was slightly hesitant because I haven’t heard of this game, nor the developer, so, it came as a massive surprise for me to see how fluid and somewhat hypnotizing Num One is to play.

The game play is pretty simple, it starts with an 8x8 grid of numbers, match three or more of the same number together to generate or combine them to be the total number, so if you have three number one’s it becomes a single number three block, with an increased level. Each level represents movement space on the board, for example, level two can move twice left, right, up or down, and once in each diagonal direction. When you first play, it can be daunting trying to remember the various rules and structure within the game but with all puzzlers time and repetition are your best friends.

The layout of Num One is pretty fun, instead of your typical single board you see in most puzzle games you tackle multiple. There are four boards in which you can play simultaneously, and you can swap blocks from different boards (as long as those blocks match up with the others) and thus, create a much larger numbered block. I am however unaware if there are different layouts apart from the two by two layout that i’m currently playing in.

There are however a few frustrating moments that normally come from a game of this style, there were times where I was guessing aimlessly what move to play next or what block to match with what. Patience and thorough planning is key in Num One before instigating a swap, just in case you mess up by having a high level, high number block in a corner, surrounded by One’s and Three’s, which is totally what I did and now i’m struggling.

I'm not typically a puzzle fan, but Num One has somewhat converted me, which is something I never imagined, let alone actually enjoy playing. There are 30 total numbers to create as achievements which in turn unlock 5 game modes, which further increase level difficulty leading to more fun headaches. With the wave blazed by Candy Crush and it's 10,000 imposters no doubt you know several friends or family that welcome the challenge of a mobile puzzler, Num One is a refreshing entry to the series and well worth recommending.

4 out of 5

Despite me not being a huge puzzle fan, this game got me hooked, It’s both simple, and sometimes complicated, which is why I love it.