RUMOR: New Xbox To Be TWICE As Powerful as New Playstation

Yes you read that headline correctly, if you believe the current rumors doing the rounds it looks like Team Green are finally releasing a console with more grunt than it's Blue nemesis.

Microsoft's Project Scorpio will be a reportedly 4 times more powerful than the Xbox One and twice as powerful as the upcoming Playstation NEO. The Scorpio will support 4K video and have a performance target around 6 teraflops, sources are currently stating that the NEO will be coming in around 4.14 teraflops. For all the readers out there going terawhats? That simply translates to the overall processing speed of a machine, so a teraflop is a trillion floating operations per second.

Another interesting piece of information doing the rounds is that Microsoft are seeking to form a partnership with Oculus Rift with Scorpio providing support and integration with the VR product.

Polygon have also posted about a new slimmed down variant on the current Xbox One hardware which will also be accompanied by a new redesigned controller. Coming in around 40% smaller than the current build, the typically bulking Microsoft console will become less of an eyesore and more of a feature. The smaller console will also be releasing with a 2TB hard drive and come in at a cheaper price point than the current first gen Xbox One.

The Xbox One Slim (working title) will be releasing in 2016, the Scorpio from all accounts won't be releasing until sometime in 2017.

What do you think? Will this help Microsoft claw back some of the market share from Sony?