Overwatch Arcade Mode, Leagues & More

Coming off the back of the Sombra announcements this morning (Australia time), the Overwatch devs were very quick to get some additional information out to the masses in an attempt to get people back in and playing before the year is out. Firstly, Quickplay will now adopt a one hero selection option similar to the current competitive mode setup. So this means we need a new place to be able to execute the ever frustrating 6 D.VA or 6 Genji strategies. Thankfully Blizzard agreed and has a new Arcade section for just such silly nonsense.

Arcade will replace the current weekly brawl system that exists and will include the aforementioned 1v1 and 3v3 modes. Mystery Duel, the new 1v1 mode, will pit two players against each other with a randomly selected hero (the same for hero for both players) in a best of five clash. Elimination is the new 3v3 mode where players when killed will not be able to respawn, it will also include the 1 hero per player stipulation. Mystery Heroes is 6v6 with randomly selected heroes for each player. All Brawls is a combination of all the brawls we have enjoyed since the launch of the game. And lastly No Limits is what quickplay is now where you can choose which ever hero you desire. Also included in the mode is the ability to collect 3 additional loot crates a week just for playing.

There is also a couple of new maps inbound, the first one we see will be Ecopoint: Antarctica and serves as home base for Mei. Antarctica will be a 3 vs 3 map and a 1 vs 1 map and be used for the new modes announced with arcade mode and will be available on the PTR next week by all reports.

And lastly for the new year Overwatch League has been announced for the hardcore players out there.

The way the entire league works is being billed as having local teams on regular schedules that would eventuate in a league controlled final series. They are even going as far as having a league wide draft of the top pooled players in order to create the initial teams. More information can be found at overwatchleague.com. As we hear more on any possibility of Australian teams we will let you know.