New Mass Effect Andromeda Footage & Release Date Announced

Ladies and Gentlemen, 2017 is well truly upon us, and arguably the most anticipated release this year in gaming is Mass Effect Andromeda. I know at Hungry HQ, Brendan and myself are both salivating over every little bit of info that gets thrown our way. Seriously, I mean there are literal pools of drool. But today we not only got one piece of news, we got two! Honestly, the messenger chat between us looked like two 13 year old girls fan-girling about the latest boy band.

First up, this morning we were stoked to wake up to the news that Bioware has announced/confirmed the release date of March 21st for North America and March 23rd for the rest of the world. Understandably we were are little upset that we have to wait an extra couple of days, but this little black duck suspects that there will be some special launch day events happening in certain parts of the world.

The second piece of news came via the way of the Nvidia CES 2017 Keynote conference, where Bioware revealed some more gameplay footage and even gave us a look at some of the skill point interface for the Engineer class. Other notable shots included a shot of new squad mate, the Asari, Peebee and above her name you can see the name of another called Cora. Following this you can hear the the male Ryder speak to another character called Sam, before selecting to full upgrade and assign the flamethrower ability from the tech tree. What then follows is some very crisp looking action footage showing of the tech abilities against some machine enemies on what looks like a volcano type planet.

I tell you, now knowing the official release is only a few months away, I’m even more excited for this game than I was previously. Unfortunately this may mean I’ll be rushing through Horizon Zero Dawn when it releases to make sure I’m 100% focused for the Mass Effect Andromeda release on the 23rd of March.