March Gaming Deals & Freebees

Another month means another month of free games. So sit up straight kids cause we got a couple of goodies this month.

On the Blue beast this month the votes have been tallied and the vote to play has been decided. On PS4 the fan voted freebie is Broforce. As for the other goodies this month, also on the PS4 there is Galak-Z. On the PS3 we have The Last Guy, and Super Stardust HD (sadly not a game about WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes). And lastly on the handheld PSVita you can grab Reality Fighters and Flame Over.  As always remember you don’t have to download straight away, just hit the add to library button and its yours for the length of your subscription.

The Green machine this month has got a couple of crackers. Crime & Punishments: Sherlock Holmes will be available all month long on the Xbone while Lords of the Fallen will be available from March 16th – April 15th. On the 360 there is strategy game Supreme Commander from March 1st to 15th and on the 16th you can grab the very excellent Borderlands right up until the 31st! As always guys all 360 games that you get from Games With Gold from here on out are backwards compatible so you can run them on your Xbox One. Just hit the download button and it is yours for LIFE! As far as this little black duck is aware you still can’t access the 360 games from the Xbone store so my advice would be to hit the Xbox website and grab them there.

Sadly PC Gamers I do not have any freebies for you this month. At time of writing, Origin has not announced their freebie for March, but if you’re quick you can still grab Need for Speed: Most Wanted

In the not so freebie pile but still cheap remember to check out the humble bundle ( for some cheap games and help out some charities in the process. Half my steam library I swear is from Humble Bundle.

That’s it for another month but make sure you hit us up on twitter with any tips or leads of free games that you know of. But in the meantime and in between times, keep gaming.

Ben (who can be found on Twitter HERE)

UPDATE (11:55AM 2/3/16)

Well talk about appropriate timing. As you guys are probably aware, in our monthly freebies column I have been mentioning that 360 games are currently unavailable other Xbox One marketplace pages. Like I said…. Timing…

From today, Xbox One preview members are able to download the latest march update, and Xbox app beta users will have access to it starting March 2nd US time. It would be safe to assume the public will have access to the update in the not to distant future.

So besides the backwards compatible games now appearing on the Xbox One marketplace for digital purchase the update also includes an update to party chat to allow it to be publicly broadcasted on Twitch via the available app.

Major Nelson posted a video earlier today explaining the update which you can view below.

So readers what do you think of the latest updates for the Xbone? Let us know in the comments.