Koihime Enbu Review

Neckbeards unite! In this cringey yet light hearted 2d fighter Koihime Enbu. Take the girls from those weird japanese waifu pillows, give them some sailor moon inspired weapons, 2 square inches of clothing and pit them against each other in this middle of the pack 2d anime fighter.

And that's the disappointing thing, because I could look past the “just more than slightly sexual upskirty” feel of this game if the fighting mechanics and moves were a break away from the enormous plethora of 2d anime fighters out there but this really just sits in that “3-5/10” range of games you’ll pick up in the steam sale for a few sheckles.

Lets look at the good things, if you lived in a sharehouse with a bunch of guys I could see this
game being “the totally awesome fun and super weird japanese game” of the bro house. Where it's one of those games you pickup with no context in the hopes to cure some forced annual leave boredom but end up smashing Heinekens and having mad tourneys with your brahs on that 55 inch LED you share the 36 month interest free payments on.

It is quite fluid in its movement, the basic building blocks of a 2d fighter are well and truly there and for someone new to these types of game this is a good launchpad. There's a training mode, online, arcade and story mode coupled with local multiplayer compatibility making it diverse in its functionality and stretches the playability of your Koihime Enbu experience.


The templated storyline gets a good use of your A button to skip ahead since it's literally just
reading countless panels of text, then again playing a fighting game for the story is like eating pizza for the crust. There's not enough diversity in the moves, the budget seems to have been spent on the decent and entertaining specials but apart from that you’re stuck with a regular run of weak/medium/hard punch-kick combinations that don't keep the mind on task or thirsting for more footsie filled chaos.

Look it's not horrible as long as you can see its innocence and treat it as such, you will get good mileage from your dollars (#kirbostyle) if you use it as a game to smash with some friends during pre-beers.

2 out of 5

Don't go looking for a flashy super crazy fighting game and you’ll come out on top, probably wearing a gothic lolita costume.