Insurgency Review

Insurgency is one of those games where you die over, and over, but that one kill makes you forget about those silly deaths.

New World Interactive has done an pretty decent job with Insurgency, I have always been a fan of FPS (First Person Shooters), so naturally I decided to give Insurgency a shot, it's been in my collection since mid 2014 so a play through was long overdue. After a few hours of “what the hell am I doing?” and “holy shit I just wiped a bunch of people with a full magazine”, I kind of fell in love with it. Despite its somewhat slow play style, it keeps bringing me back for more rounds of chaos and quick death.

Insurgency consists of two teams, each with various weapons, equipment, and defend/attack points, the Insurgents can defend on certain maps, same with the Security Forces on others. Granted, I only played the "Push"mode which in itself is similar to Battlefield’s notorious “Rush” game mode. Insurgency is an online multiplayer title, if you are from Australia, you’ll unfortunately only find 3 Push servers, and that’s it, it's a damn shame but something us Aussies are used to in gaming. That’s not to say there aren’t any other types of game modes, but Push is by far the most popular.

The maps are decently sized and when certain objectives are met during the match a newly opened section of the map will open up, thus unlocking more flanking routes for both your team and the enemy. Map locations vary in environments, from stretches of mountainous ranges, desert landscapes to the all too well known urban environment, Insurgency will surely keep you on the lookout for hidden enemies using both natural and artificial area for cover as they attempt to take your life.

Insurgency is pretty hardcore in the sense where, if you get shot, you’re basically dead, there is no “revive” option, just a 20-30 second wait until respawn. This makes the gameplay somewhat slow, and 8/10 times, you’ll either be killed by a camper, no not the Call of Duty ones that hide in corners, these campers are in the vein of Vasily Vaytsev or Tom Beringer from Sniper. With a variety of weapons and some customization at your disposal, Insurgency will always make you consider changing your loadout just a little bit to suit the map…because, no one snipes in close quarters duh. There are some roles that you can take, for example, the Support class comes equipped with an LMG with a bipod, which is basically perfect for suppressing, or cutting down enemies. Whilst the Fighter class is your typical Assault Rifle with side-arm and grenades.

Being a PC game the modding community have thrown their support behind Insurgency, constantly adding skins and different types of attachments to the game, ranging from simple camo changes to a change of weaponry (whilst the weapon keeps the same base attributes and personality, i.e. lots of recoil but massive damage, or semi-automatic with minimal kick). I messed around with the mods currently available on the steam workshop, and it’s somewhat refreshing to see different types of weapons, just the visuals of them makes it seem like they’re actual weapons that act differently… unfortunately, the amount of weapons in the game is a bit lackluster, I mean, I get the appeal of varied loadouts and choices but every weapon can one shot you regardless so some calibers and styles can feel a little lost in your hands.

Personally, I would recommend almost anyone to buy this game over CS:GO, mostly because my opinion on CS:GO is kinda negative and underwhelming, overall you’ll probably get more bang for your buck with Insurgency, especially with a new huge update coming out sometime early next year. Also, there is a mod called “Days of Infamy” where instead of the modern day shooter, it turns it into a World War 2 warzone, the same mechanics from the regular mode are still there but playing on WW2 maps in shooters never looses its appeal.

3.5 out of 5 

It’s a fantastic game, with plenty of action and a very realistic approaching to shooters, and it’s well worth the $15.00USD it’s priced at in steam.