More Insight on Horizon Zero Dawn [Trailer]

NB: We at Ate Bit are aware of the story leaks and spoiler that exist out there. We will be avoiding them ourselves but feel free to find them for yourselves if your heart desires.

Prior to being delayed to 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn was one of our most anticipated games of 2016. And now with a new story trailer it proves why it should be one of the most anticipated for 2017.

The game is looking gorgeous and shows of a few sweeping majestic world shots as well as some great looks at the robotic beasts that inhabit it. Amidst that we learn that Aloy (our protagonist) is on the hunt to track down who massacred her tribe. There are glimpses of a kingdom and its king, and a very quick glance at a masked enemy that is creating danger in the world with corrupted robots. And then there is the brief appearance of Lance Reddick’s mysterious character, who and what his interest in Aloy is doesn’t get explained, but he does get to close out the trailer with the line “There is so much more to discover, before the world ends.”

I guess we will get to discover what is in this amazing futuristic world when the game launches on the 1st of March in Australia.