Homefront: The Revolution Review

Homefront: The Revolution was a game that I was incredibly eager for, however, it is nothing but a letdown due to the lack of optimization, and overall fun.

Homefront: The Revolution is an Open World FPS that is very similar to the Far Cry series, in which all you basically do is capture “vital” objectives in the game, to increase the pace of an impending uprising. All in all, this game does indeed help you pass the time, but it is no way worth the full price of $80.00AUD.

The story of Homefront: The Revolution is quite simple, it’s very boring to be honest, you can almost imagine and telegraph what is going to happen as you progress. Basically, at the beginning prior to the game’s timeline commencing (that is, when you start playing) a North Korean Corporation called “Apex” is at the forefront of industrial science, they have become an incredibly rich, and immensely powerful corporation due to the advancement of technology that not even the mighty America has seen. American’s have bought many of these Apex products.

Once Apex decided to delve into the creation of weapon systems, America (being America) couldn’t resist and thought it would be super useful for the War against Terrorism. However, due to the American Dollar dropping in value, the US have a huge debt to North Korea, which then leads to North Korea shutting down all technology based off Apex Systems, which means, America is close to defenceless against North Korea invading, which they did. It all started with North Korea coming in and originally helping those struggling within the US providing food and shelter. In typical North Korean fashion that hospitality doesn't last too long and is replaced with brutality and an iron fist.

You play Ethan Brady, a part of The Revolution that is going to take America (Or, at least Philadelphia) back from the KPA (Korean People’s Army). Things begin to turn south when a key American player and motivational speaker Benjamin Walker is taken by the KPA. Basically, its very simple from here on in, at least from what i have seen. All you do is capture objectives to increase reputation and gain the trust of The Revolution, in doing so, you raise an army to fight against KPA.

The characters and voice acting in the game is pretty terrible, it’s very hard to relate to a character when the voice acting itself is horrible, and Homefront has it in spades. I didn’t really pay attention to what people were really saying, because both civilians and NPCs were constantly repeating exactly what they said a few seconds ago. This honestly broke the immersion for me, as well as a handful of other things.

As mentioned the gameplay is very similar to Far Cry, which is why I found it very boring to begin with (because, i just finished Far Cry Primal 100% before playing Homefront: The Revolution). The only unique thing about it is the fact that you can change your weapons kit on a whim, changing a battle rifle to a sniper rifle, a crossbow to a flamethrower, it’s pretty fun and a nice feature, but after a while, I found myself sticking with one really powerful weapon (mostly the LMG) and just using that for the rest of the lackluster campaign.

The “open-world” isn’t very open, you need to unlock other zones via playing through the dreadful story, and overall the map is quite small. There are a few different type of zones, the red zone which consists of the KPA controlling every point of the zone, the yellow zone which is basically a ghetto that is strongly re-inforced with the brutality of the KPA, and the green zone, which is where all the major political members of the KPA stay.

The graphics and optimization were huge letdowns for me, because I personally was very keen on playing this game, especially given how hyped it was within the community. I run a decent PC setup, consisting of an R9-280x, 32GB of DDR3 RAM and an AMD FX-6300 clocked at 4.6GHz, i have not had any trouble with any gorgeous looking game before, but Homefront: The Revolution absolutely shredded my computer, frames were dropping to 20-30 FPS (with an almost constant 50 FPS. it was incredibly disheartening. The graphics itself didn’t look all that great compared to the first reveal trailer…it reminded me of the Watch Dogs incident where they totally downgraded the graphics just prior to launch

Multiplayer is a bit fun, but there aren’t many game modes apart from the four player co-op feature called Resistance, it has its own characters and progression systems which is okay. I have only found a handful of players during my total game-time whilst playing Homefront: The Revolution, so i cannot fully review the multiplayer. I mean, there are hardly any players roaming the servers at the moment to even try.

Overall rating 2 out of 5

All in all, quite a disappointing game, it had some fun parts, but overall it’s quite dull, due to the lack of, well, everything except bugs, the game is full of bugs!!

It’s not worth the dollars it’s priced at, wait until it goes sale.