Hardcore Henry: Review

Imagine, if you will, that your favourite first person shooter was a now a feature length movie. That is Hardcore Henry. After a brief opening credits scene showing glorified violent killings in slow motion, you get to see the world through the protagonist Henry’s eyes. Henry’s wife promptly tells him that he has been brought back from the dead and begins to reinstall his arm and leg. Unfortunately for Henry, before his voice box is brought back online the facility he is in is attacked and his wife is kidnapped. What follows is an action romp turned up to eleven as Henry races to not only save his wife but also find out what happened him.

Hardcore Henry is an action fan's wet dream. The movie constantly propels you forward into the chaos as the first person view creates a feeling of adrenaline within the viewer. Every set piece reminds me of scenes from a video game, ranging from the latest Call of Duty action set pieces to the quick time events of an Uncharted or God of War. Seriously you will feel like you should be watching the movie while also having a controller in your hands.

Sadly this is as good as the movie gets. Besides Henry’s friend Jimmy, the rest of the acting is fairly wooden and the story, while relatively interesting and promising, is only used to set up the next big action piece. Once you get past the initial weirdness of the character, Jimmy is a delight and leaves you wondering what he will do next. Henry’s wife on the other hand, is particularly bland and the villain is completely forgettable, but thankfully the limited appearances of these characters actually prevents the movie from being worse and allows the film to do what it does best, provide frenetic entertainment.

Lastly, I will recommend that if you get nauseous or suffer motion sickness at all, be warned, as you may feel that while watching as the fast pace and the first person view can be jarring.

Overall Hardcore Henry is an interesting action movie which attempts to merge the best bits of video gaming and film, sometimes it feels like a proof of concept, yet it still manages to pack just enough punch to create an enjoyable, bloody experience

2.5 out of 5

+ Fast Paced Action
+ Great Concept
- Average Acting
- No Real Story