H1Z1 Coming to Console, In Two Separate Games

Anyone who is a fan of the now common place open world, multiplayer survival games that are in the market would have no doubt heard of the zombie apocalypse styled H1Z1

With the title slated to hit consoles later in 2016, producer Daybreak have announced H1Z1 will be split into two separate titles, this is due to discussions via social media and fan feedback. Each title has it's own dedicated development team.

The first game is H1Z1: Just Survive, where you guessed it you need to live as long as possible. This mode will mirror more of the core gameplay currently present with H1Z1 and it's distant cousin, Day Z.

The other game is H1Z1: King of the Hill, which delves more into that competitive shooter style of event where you simply need to kill each of your competitors to win.

Refreshing to see fans have a bigger voice in game development and hopefully this translates into a better overall zombie based experience.