Explore & Get to Know Westeros

With season six officially in the can Game of Thrones fans are left without a tonne to do apart from sit and wait until season seven hits screens sometime in 2017. Fear not as the team over at Quarter Maester have developed a pretty handy (and extremely detailed) interactive map, which will allow GoT fans to further understand the land of Westeros.

The map itself is created with integration to the Google Maps API and allows the user to follow specific character paths, zoom in and out of specific regions, pinning notes and links to said regions respective Wikipedia pages. In an attempt to avoid spoilers Quarter Maester have included options to set user restrictions on what you can and can't see/read, a great feature to allow the viewers time to get up to date with a rather fantastic sixth season of Game of Thrones.


Game of Thrones returns to television screens sometime in 2017 for a shortened 7 episode season.