I Ain't Afraid of No (Ghost) Burger

As time ticks down to the release of the latest Ghostbusters film (please lord be good) various outlets do all they can to add to the hype by creating a host of merchandising ideas. The latest money spinner comes from Japan.

Burger chain J.S Burgers Cafe have just released three menu items tied to the Ghostbusters reboot, combining unique flavours to create some rather unique dishes:

A traditional hamburger dubbed "Ghostbusters Burger", which comes with beef patties, black olives, anchovy paste, tomatoes, ghost pepper hot sauce all on a black milk bun.

A desert burger going by the "Marshmallow Mad Burger", which is loaded with toasted marshmallows, Oreo cookies, oozing melted chocolate, raspberry syrup on a white bun.

A chilled beverage known as the "Green Ghost Shake", an apple and avocado smoothie that also includes kiwi fruit, spinach, green tea ice cream and is topped with mini biscuit hamburgers.

See you all in Japan.