EA Play [E3 2017]

E3 is off to a pretty decent start with EA Play giving us a few titles to care about. Typically, we see a lot of sports, and other things I don’t really care about too much, but we were also given a peek into Bioware’s new IP, and a few other treats that are making me feel good about EAs time to come. Janina Gavankar stole the show for me; in her Elhoffer dress, and the emotion coming through in her voice talking about Star Wars – I hope EA will pick her up for future press conferences.

I don’t think anyone needs yet another person talking about EA Sports, or Battlefield 1 – while this time round Battlefield definitely piqued my interest, it still just means very little to me. What really captured me was the introduction of A Way Out, from the same creators as Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. A co-op only game built upon an incredible concept of its predecessor. In no way is this a negative comment, but when I look at A Way Out, I just see Uncharted 4 if we had the opportunity to play co-op. Our protagonists look similar to both Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan in their own weird ways, the cinematic game-play presented to us was just screaming Uncharted vibes, and one character shouting “Oh crap!” in a similar way to Nathan Drake’s “Oh shit!”. This isn’t a bad thing, but the comparisons are undeniable. If anything this excites me more; in the hopes that the humour, and general story is as incredible as a Naughty Dog game. What’s interesting in A Way Out is that there’s no single player option. I’ve long awaited the return of couch co-op, and hopefully this is the beginning of a new era of cooperative games.

When EA announced Star Wars: Battlefront II at Star Wars Celebration earlier this year, I was blown away; more so by the fact that we’re presented with a female protagonist front and center. Janina Gavankar not only got to present for Battlefront II, but she’s also leading as the protagonist herself; Idin Versio. We’ve seen impressive, enthralling game-play that takes all the flaws from Battlefront I, and turns it into a truly impressive environment, and world. Battlefront II having it’s own campaign, as well as split-screen co-op is a huge leap forward for what we received in Battlefront I, and we have been promised free content after the game releases. I’m so excited to dive back into the Star Wars universe once again.

Anthem. Bioware presented us with their new IP today, and it’s hard to judge from such a short trailer, but I have faith in whatever Bioware will give us. All I wanted from this new IP is more space; completely unrelated to Mass Effect, I just really enjoy games in space. Anthem’s marketing seems to be tied with Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, and we’ll get to see more of the game tomorrow at Microsoft’s Press Conference at 7:00am AEST. The trailer we received didn’t tell us much, but it appears to be set far in the future, in a world that is constantly changing. The impending threat appears beyond the wall and throws some serious Attack on Titan vibes. I have faith in what Bioware will give us next, and look forward to knowing more about the world of Anthem.