Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 [Review]

Welcome to Conton City Time Patrollers, Today we talk about the sequel to the very much loved and hated original Dragon Ball Xenoverse. The Dragon Ball Franchise has always been well known for its intense fighting scenes, faster than the speed of light movements and the screaming…who could ever forget that screaming.

As soon as you dive into the game you are tasked with the choice of selecting which race you want to work with and aim to level up and become the biggest most badass time patroller of all time. The races available for selection range from basic Human, the green mean fighting machine Namekian, The chubby pink but loveable Majin, The Freiza race which is pretty self-explanatory to any fans but to any newcomers to the Dragon Ball franchise, the Freizans look similar to Mew-Two. Last but not least, my race of choice, the super elite Saiyans made famous by Goku and Vegeta. 

Customization choices are still fairly minimal, with only a handful of preset face shapes and facial features capping exactly how outlandish your character could become. There is still much more variation when compared to the original Xenoverse game but it was slightly discouraging they didn't fully open up this part of the game more.

The storyline follows a very similar path to that of the original Dragon Ball Xenoverse game as you cruise through the time lines that we all know and love and from our childhoods, protecting them from any alteration leading all the way to the present time. Mission objectives scattered throughout are just as repetitive as in the original, you spam melee attacks to wear your enemy down, blast them with super awesome finishing abilities and repeat until you take victory.

The fighting mechanics and camera angles have been vastly improved from its predecessor,  most fans of the series would know anything too high or too low would cause the camera to glitch out, making it extremely difficult to engage in battle against your enemy, it was a regular occurrence and gladly it has been fixed in DBX2. Combat itself is ridiculously smooth and very addictive, giving off the same nostalgic feelings of watching Goku fighting it out in the cartoon series for hours on end, complete with all the classic angles, speeds, sounds and clashes of amazing strength beyond that of a Super Saiyans.

Conton City is the new and greatly improved Toki Toki City, newcomers to the Xenoverse series have no idea how amazing Conton is, no loading screens and an amazingly vast landscapes to explore via vehicles or flying… Yes, flying! After progressing through enough story missions you gain your flying license! The original world of Toki Toki wouldn’t even allow you to jump over stools, let alone fly, so hub world travel progressing in such a dramatic way was a fantastic addition. Seeing countless player-owned characters flying, taunting and just having an all out good time was a breath of fresh air to a long-time patroller.

Some more diversity in the missions would have been great but offsetting some of the repetitiveness are a host of eye catching cut scenes that really weave the Dragon Ball story together, going above and beyond especially when it came to introducing the various races. Seeing the transformation from 2D anime cartoon into 3D video game is a thing of beauty, which myself like any other Dragon Ball fan were immediately amazed by and drawn in. Bursting with joy during the positive moments and close to tears during some of the sad moments, Future Trunks and Gohan got me good.

You’ll end up spending a lot of time in Conton as you do parallel quests to level up, acquire gear and take part in the odd Player vs Player match, which hopefully will see server improvements as connectivity was hit and miss during my playthrough with some extensive ping and latency issues delivering me some tough losses. Players can also party up with friends to tackle missions, something of which I am yet to experience but the thought of buddying up, progressing through the story and helping one another level is something I'm itching to try.

Overall Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 would have to be one of the greatest releases in the series to date, immaculate visuals and amazing cut scenes help bring to life some of the greatest Dragon Ball moments from the franchise. It’s a game that needs some slight improvements but overall has provided me hours and hours of fun, some pretty intense battles and a brilliant revival of a storyline that can only yet be repeated in the next game to come out.