Destiny's New Raid Beaten in 2 Hours

Destiny, It's a game where players rush through all the content in order to be ready for a raid to go live so they can be the first in the world to beat it.  At 3am AEST the latest raid for Destiny’s newest expansion the Rise Of Iron went live. At 5am AEST it had been beaten.

And in my house, I was soundly sleeping….ok I am pretty jealous and wanted to be in there at 3am as well. In all honesty congratulations to Clan Redeem on being the first to make it through. It is nice to see someone relatively unknown in the community be the first ones to clear it.

We will be having our review and thoughts on the latest content ready for you all sometime tomorrow, but until then I gotta get my light level up.

P.S. Next time Bungie, make it go live a day later, I could have been raid ready then. Just saying.