The Destiny Community Helps Raise $500,000

Destiny, it’s one of those games where you either love it you don’t. If you sit on the latter side of things or are even one of the people that posts on videos “people still play this”, you have to admit that the community that has spawned up from around Destiny is pretty fantastic. Many times has there been charity fundraisers created by streamers, and the Destiny community is no exception, but this last week has to be one of the most amazing efforts I have seen from a single game community.

This past weekend Destiny Community Conn kicked off in Tampa Bay, Florida. This is the second year this community driven event has taken place, let that sink for a second, community driven! This event is not run by Bungie, Destiny's developer, but by a few of the more popular folks within the Destiny community. Hosted by community stalwarts Gothalion (@gothalion), Professor Broman (@ProfessorBroman) and Kmagic101 (@kevinxvision), this year they decided to put their love of the game and the community to the test to see how much money they could raise for St. Judes Childrens Hospital (@StJude). Little did they know, they would not only reach their goals, but far surpass them.

Starting out with a goal of $200,000USD for their week long gaming stream, they quickly surpassed $40,000USD within a few hours. Setting the stretch goal at $350,000USD, they hit that as well. Then they kept going. And finally this happened.

So yeah $500,000USD for sick kids. That’s an amazing effort. And for a bit of perspective on the numbers here are some stats.

All pretty impressive coming from a 100% fan driven event. From all of us within the Ate Bit family we congratulate all involved and look forward to seeing what you guys come up with for next years event.