Day of Infamy [Review]

Day of Infamy is one of the most hardcore World War 2 shooters I have played in recent years, something about getting shot once, and dying, feels unusually satisfying.

Day of Infamy, by New World Interactive is another take on the World War 2 based shooter, but unlike the Call of Duty and Battlefield's of the world Day of Infamy has gone the realism route, one bullet and you're dead, no sponging here. It's a great foundation to play off and provides countless tense situations where one misstep and you're done.

Jumping straight to the gameplay - Day of Infamy is very similar to New World Interactive's previous successful launch, Insurgency. They both were built on the same engine, they both utilize the same damage models (one shot, one kill), and the in game character movement is close to identical. The biggest difference between the two titles comes down to overall polish, Day of Infamy feels a lot more like a new release title, with subtle additions to the games atmosphere (the in game dialogue from NPCs is second to none) creating a more complete experience.

Day of Infamy actually started as a mod for Insurgency, said mod gained enough interest for New World Interactive to turn it into a stand alone title. The game, in a nutshell, is a slow tactical first person shooter, where teamwork is essential. It's a serious game with extreme consequences, you peek around the wrong corner and you're dead, no going into cover to regen, one bullet and it's lights out. Day of Infamy is the opposite to your Call of Duty community, no Mum jokes from a group of 12 year olds here, this is a game for serious big boys.

Graphically Day of Infamy doesn't stack up very well to the AAA shooters out there, characters models are alright but lacking final polish, performance issues were infrequent, dropped frames on occasion when the battle got too large for example. Don't get me wrong the game doesn't look bad, but when you compare it to a title like Battlefield 1, the differences in quality are extremely noticeable. On the other hand the varied landscapes you do battle on though, look impressive, especially when considering this game isn't using the Unreal or Frostbite engines. The developers have created lifelike levels mirroring key events and battles from history - Omaha Beach and the Battle of the Bulge are but 1/3 of the historical sites you can wage war on. Each level is balanced, with plenty of high and low vantage points to held lead you to victory (provided you have a decent team). 

Being an old war shooter there are no modern weaponry at your disposal, battles see you using a mixture of bolt action rifles, semi-automatics and even a flamethrower - which is equal parts exciting (when wielding) and terrifying (when being targeted with). Each class provides different loadouts and weapons available to use, with various degrees of risk and reward.

Every gun feels and sounds differently, they all have the ability to one shot kill your enemy but depending on the caliber of the weapon, coupled with recoil and distance you could be spraying and praying. Slow and steady is the motto of Day of Infamy, in movement and in combat.

The biggest negative towards Day of Infamy comes from its lack of maps, it doesn't take long to become a master of the six different battlefields within the game. With such a small rotation available you will regularly see the same choke points and sniper nests being the hot spots of matches, making the overall experience feel repetitive and predictable.

Anyone who is a fan of teamwork based shooters should certainly give Day of Infamy a look, it's an unforgiving yet largely rewarding experience that is well worth a look.

4 out of 5

+ Hardcore Shooter Done Right
+ Atmosphere and Tone
+ Top Notch Teamwork
+ Sound Design
- Lack of Weapons and Maps