CrowsCrowsCrows Announce VR Title, Accounting

You have to wonder how William Pugh manages to balance his budget with all these free releases…

Accounting, the new game from indie developers CrowsCrowsCrows, has just been announced to come out later this month, which will see the studio taking the fight into the VR space. Advertised as an HTC Vive game it will join its ranks in the battle of which headset gets to overwhelm the others and allow its company to corner the exponentially growing VR market.

All that’s currently known about this game is that you’re an accountant, tediously crunching numbers for a VR company until one day you put a headset on, when something strange starts to happen. Nothing too surprising from a studio well known for very self-aware games, but certainly an interesting premise to explore in the current VR hype cycle.

Pugh has mentioned in interviews that he doesn’t want the studio charging for games he feels are more like experiments, but from the looks of it, Accounting seems to follow the same game-about-gaming path his previous work has been known for, with visuals reminiscent a lot of The Stanley Parable and Dr. Langeskov. With this in mind I wonder whether CrowsCrowsCrows sees this meta-loaded style of making games as a mere learning phase, the by-products of which are not worthy enough to ask money for, and if so, what kind of games would it want to ‘graduate into’ making once it feels grown up enough for paid releases.

This time CrowsCrowsCrows has partnered with Squanchtendo games, which, having officially only set up shop only a few weeks ago, is nonetheless helmed by industry veteran Tanya Watson (Bulletstorm, Gears of War) and Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland, the latter having been swept by the VR craze ever since he previewed the Vive shortly after it was unveiled.