Conga Master [Review]

Most people can only do 3 dances.

The 'shoulder jig' shuffle, the 'roll and point' and the conga.

The conga was typically something lame office workers did at their Christmas party in the 90's. It always got in the way of the *real* dancers (cough, me) and always knocked 30 drinks over and caused a scene. But it was also a rite of passage at the year 6 disco. For a brief moment everyone forgot their differences and focused on the task at hand: to get the longest conga line they could, because.. well.. reasons. It was just something you did back in my day...

Conga Master takes the primal urge to conquer the conga congregation and take it to the next level. Its a fun little 8 bit banger that starts off harmless enough, you sink 20 minutes into it and think "heh this is cute", but after you get past the first level the thirst for conga stardom intensifies as you try and worm your way around various people on a dance floor with the hopes to get them to join your conga line like some sort of re purposed armed forces recruitment drive.

Starting the game you have 28 "conga masters" to choose from, each with their own set of strengths and weaknesses: mobility, charm and rhythm are rated out of 5 stars per character. From there the premise is simple, dance your way to stardom in low pixel glory.

The controls are fairly simple, its just left/right or both at the same time to increase speed. Undercoders have made a game that is easy to grasp, simple to semi-master and allows you to both play AND drink scotch at the same time. It does have a multiplayer mode which supports up to 4 players, there is also a continuous mode where there is no clear goal other than to get the longest line possible. The main hook of Conga Master will come in the shape of it's story mode, which sees your character attempt to take over various nightclubs on your way to being the king or queen of conga.

The basic concept of Conga Master sees you sort of creepily hover around people until a meter fills up then they join your line but you cannot bump into people- that restarts their meter! You have a "momentum" meter which is slowly running out, the more people that join your conga line: the momentum meter restarts but runs out faster. There are power ups which buff your character, but they're few and far between which adds to the skill required. There are also obstacles littered throughout the dance floor, namely in the shape of pigs, which keeps things spicy, but a little more stimulation would not have gone astray with this one.

Its a fun, yet addictive little game that would go great on mobile platforms.

3 out of 5

+ Fun and Simple Concept
+ Great Graphical Style
- No Real Depth to the Game