Six Seasons & A Video Game?!?

To say I am obsessed with the television show Community is an understatement, I own every DVD ever released, have original art pieces hanging on my wall, proudly wear Community inspired tattoo on my leg, as well as own a host of t-shirts, signed photographs as well as the original pilot script signed by the entire original cast. Couple that with a mega crush on Alison Brie and you have someone who is still very much upset at the lack of a seventh season or movie.

For all you Community fans out there hunting for more Greendale based entertainment I would highly recommend getting over to Project Hawkthorne and taking a look at the nerdy beauty they been working on continuously for several years. What is it you ask? Well if anyone can remember the Community episode “Digital Estate Planning” you will certainly remember the 8 bit 2D platformer the group had to defeat in order for Pierce to get his inheritance. Project Hawkthorne is in fact a fully playable game of said episode.

For those unfamiliar with the episode check out this short clip.

Major kudos to the Reddit user Derferman who is the brains behind this rather ambitious project, utilizing the Love engine to bring the Greendale Seven to life. With assistance from the Reddit community, Project Hawkthorne has become a full fledged game, receiving constant updates in the way of characters, costumes, soundtracks and levels to provide a complete 8 bit Community experience.

The game is super simple to play and literally any PC (well anything Windows 95 and up I'd imagine) can run this gem of a game. The arrows keys are used for navigation, Spacebar to jump, A for attack (dadoi), D to interact and S for inventory, it's that simple Garrett could excel at it.

The graphics are faithfully recreated in the vein of the 8 bit games of the 1980s and 1990s, low on detail and full of bright vibrant colour that would look right at home in Wonder Boy or Alex Kidd. Traversing through the world of Hawkthorne you will encounter a host of enemies to battle along the way; even dreadlocked ginger hippies. The universe you are thrown into contains several unique and distinct looking worlds, each with their own puzzles, challenges and bad guys to deal with at every turn. Long story short this is a nifty little 2D platformer that is extremely fun to play while staying very true to the spirit of the late Community.

What better way to relive 110 episodes of television perfection? Download a copy of Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne today.

Streets ahead.