Breached Review

Breached, the first game from developer Drama Drifters, is a harrowing tale of survival and isolation. This game taps on that instinct that is required to survive and the loneliness and isolation that accompanies it, all while the threat of impending doom lurks in the back of your mind. This takes the survival genre in a whole new, exciting direction; keeping it’s story and world at the center of every desperate action that you make.

The concept behind the game is pretty simple: collect resources to help ensure the survival of your character before he runs out of resources. The catch is that you only have 8 days to do so, speed combined with energy management is key. Each activity (which is just a drone piloting sequence) depletes about 40% of your of energy. Each mission requires you to pilot your drone to collect energy shards or components to repair the atmosphere. You also have moments where you can read daily journal entries from yourself and from other crew members which helps to unwrap the bizarre narrative. I’ll be honest, this game does not mess around. It’s very difficult yet also surprisingly rewarding. As I played through the game I was convinced that I was going to be bored, the first few drone missions have no obstacles to speak of, meaning you merely traverse a desolate wasteland. The game looks gorgeous but there’s only so much you can gush about when you’re talking about sand and rocks (except you Journey. You’re gorgeous). The next few missions reveal a world that has been ravaged by a harsh and violent environment, yet in its destruction there is technology far beyond our comprehension, monolithic structures beyond our creation; it’s a world that I became fully invested in after a short amount of time. 

Breached does an incredible job of dishing out the story to you piecemeal. Each journal entry reveals just a small portion of information into the state of your character and the world around him. I found myself growing more and more invested in the character’s survival, so when I completed my first play I was left feeling that I could’ve done things differently. This game has incredible replay value since it allows you to manage your resources and energy differently. I played through the game twice and had a different experience both times. The enemies are also very unique and require a lot of skills to evade. They’re floating balls of energy, one type stays still but has a huge gravitational pull, the other has a patrol area (and a massive gravitational pull). If you get caught you have to try and break from their grasps but if they successfully get you then your drone goes offline, your Character has a seizure, and you’ve wasted precious energy for the day.

Graphically the game is impressive. I don’t know what engine they’re running this on but it looks gorgeous. Initially it’s nothing spectacular but as you progress further and further it really opens up. The bizarre structures that you uncover only add to the mystery behind this game. I really was hooked from start to finish. The sound design is also commendable because they captured the mood perfectly. The music was never anything that I’d listen to outside of the context of the game but it’s addition only heightened the experience. I only encountered a few clipping issue here and there and I had one crash early on but it never happened again in my 8 or so hours of play.

Overall, this was an incredibly unique game. I recommend anyone who likes uncovering fascinating worlds and unique mysteries to give Breached a go. I would also recommend anyone who’s into the survival genre to check this out because it’s a really exciting twist on a worn out formula. This is survival in the purest sense of the word, man vs. nature in an ultimate showdown.

4 out of 5

+ Great Visuals
+ Interesting Story
+ Drone Controls Great to Use
- Some Clipping Here & There