August Gaming Deals and Freebies

Its that time again, another month has come and with it a slew of freebies. First though I want to share a personal opinion with you all. Playstation needs to step it up with the monthly games, I’m not saying that they have been offering terrible games, I got them all myself, but when you compare them to what Xbox has been offering over the recent months, it has been a little disappointing. Any who let’s have a look at this month's goodies on Team Green and Team Blue.

Starting with the Xbox One on August 1st you can grab Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate followed by WWE 2K16 on August 16th. And on last gen on August 1st you can pick up Spelunky and on the 16th you can nab Beyond Good and Evil HD. As always you just have to start the download and it’s yours for life! And don’t forget that all Xbox 360 Games with Gold are backwards compatible on the Xbox One.

With Playstation this month, starting on the 2nd, on the PS4 you can pick up Tricky Towers and Rebel Galaxy. On the PS3 you can get Yakuza 5 and Retro/Grade. While on the Vita you can pick up Patapon 3. And lastly on all three platforms you can pick up Ultratron. Simply Hit the add to library button and it’s yours for the life of your subscription.

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