April Gaming Deals & Freebees

It’s April already, and oh boy is it going to be good month for freebies! No it’s not an April's fools joke there is some seriously good stuff over on the green machine this month. But before I hand over the good stuff let's take a quick look at the offering from team blue this month.

Ubisoft’s Zombi is the headliner this month on PS4 but we have a few other great titles to go with it. Also on PS4 is Deadstar. On last gen you can grab I Am Alive and Savage Moon. And finally on the Vita make sure you pick up A Virus Named Tom and Shutshimi. As always just hit that “Add to Library” button and the game is yours for length of your PS plus sub.

On the XBox Machine, make sure you grab everything this month! I mean it. Some serious goodies this month that if you haven’t already got, you should be grabbing as soon as possible. First up on the bone for the entire month is The Wolf Among Us, and starting on the 16th and going until May 15th you can get Sunset Overdrive. On the 360 (and backwards compatible now on the bone) until the 15th of the month you can get Dead Space, then on the 16th collect a copy of Saints Row IV. Thanks to a recent update on the Bone, you can now purchase the free backwards compatible games for the month direct from the Xbone marketplace pages. As always just start the download and it's yours for life #winning

On PC, over at EA’s Origin store pick yourself up a copy of Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. Still not hearing too much on other freebies for the PC Master Race, Tweet at us if you know of anything that we are missing!

Enjoy this month's lineup kids, but in the meantime and in between times, keep gaming!