PARTYMODE [PAX Australia 2017]

Coming at you live from the Wombat Theatre at PAX Australia 2017 is the debut of PARTYMODE! 12 podcasts from the Australasian Gaming Podcast Network (AGPN) battling it out onstage for glory and bragging rights!

Watch as members of The Alex Kidds, Git Gud, Team Pwnishment & NERDSTRADAMUS fight their way through Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Grabity & Nidhogg 2 to crown the first ever PARTYMODE Champion!


2017 Teams & Contestants:

The Alex Kidds (Adam // You Game Bro?, Dion // Periodic Table of Awesome, Michael // Reset)

Git Gud (Tegan // Sass Effect, Alex // Kotaku, Wilko // Ultra Super Mega)

Team Pwnishment (Joel // I Speak Giant, Lauren // OK Games, Amy // Leaping Tiger) NERDSTRADAMUS (Brendan // ATEBIT, Jason // Game Hugs, Andrew // A Couple of NPCs)


Massive thanks must go out to PAX Australia for allowing us the opportunity to showcase Australia's best video game podcasting talent as well as Adam "Pez" Perry and Sam Abraham for putting the panel together and ensuring it ran as smoothly as possible.